Selling Only American Made Goods!
Celebrating 11 Years!


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Tara said:   November 12, 2010 11:51 am PST
I just found your site. THis is wonderfu. My husband and I do all we can to buy everything from our cars to our orange juice made in the usa and have had a really hard time with gifts for our nieces and nephews. This is great! God bless you for doing this.

Kathy Wickless Okon said:   October 6, 2010 4:34 pm PST
Hi Deb, Your shop looks great, not that I would have expected anything less!

Brian Detlefsen said:   September 30, 2010 5:56 am PST
Great store and great concept of buying American! As a local manufacturer for the last 18 years I have seen the decline of manufacturing in the States. I wish more stores would adopt this idea or at least work towards it. Buying American has become more difficult and needs to be brought back.

Tim McNeil said:   September 28, 2010 7:02 pm PST
Read about your store in today's Chicago Tribune (Sept. 28th 2010). I applaud you for your bravery in doing what so many have said they would do - sell exclusively Made in the USA! Your "Bring One Home" idea is just the thing to spark bringing manufacturing back to the States. I will be visiting your establishment very soon!

Victor Barnes said:   September 28, 2010 1:06 pm PST
wonderful concept, love the idea that you only sell items made in the USA.

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