Selling Only American Made Goods!
Celebrating 11 Years!


      I always wanted to open a retail store. My children tease me that my family didn't play store with me enough when I was a child. In 2003, I had the very good fortune to play the role of Barbara Ehrenreich in the stage adaptation of her book, "Nickel and Dimed: On ( Not) Getting By in America" at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. While researching
and rehearsing for the play, I realized that most of our manufacturing had gone offshore. I knew that we had lost a lot of manufacturing to China, but I hadn't realized how much and that most of our consumer goods had left along with the jobs that employed so many
Americans. I needed to do something positive, so I started researching what goods were still made in America and I kept a list. Then one day as I was driving through Barrington, I saw that my favorite building, an old livery barn, was for sale and as they
say, the rest is history! It took my brother and I six months to get the building cleaned and fixed up and on June 13th, 2007 I opened the door to Norton's U.S.A., Uniquely American General Store. I named the store after my dog Norton because he was so unique and I knew he wouldn't be with me much longer. Here's a picture of
Norton and me just before we opened. Norton was a true Hollywood dog and a best friend.

Norton would have loved our line of pet toys!!