Product Spotlight!

Many American-made products come out of true innovation and the desire to help us all live healthier lives.  Spuds products exemplify American innovation at its best. Out of personal tragedy, an Illinois couple developed Spuds dishes, cups, bowls, utensils and teethers to provide families with nontoxic  feeding and teething products for their children.

In 2004 and 2005, Spuds creators tragically lost two infants to a rare genetic disease. Since neither parent carried the gene, geneticists could not determine how the babies developed the disease. However, doctors did feel that there was a possibility that environmental factors may have played a role.

Turning loss into action, the couple soon learned about the number of toxic chemicals that children encounter each day through feeding products and toys. Determined to do something, the couple discovered that they could make nontoxic and biodegradable children's products from potatoes. In fact, Spuds products are made from reclaiming leftover potato material from the potato industry including leftovers from French fry manufacturers. Through a process, a polymer similar to plastic is created from the potato material. Keeping in line with the desire to produce nontoxic products, Spuds products are also dyed with organic dyes. Spuds all natural products are safe for baby and safe for the environment!

As we learn more about what we are putting into our bodies and into the environment, we are all beginning to realize that we are exposed to many toxic chemicals each and every day. Toxic chemicals are so pervasive in our everyday lives that they are being found in newborn babies. Spuds is a real leader in reducing our exposure to harmful substances. We are proud to have Spuds products at Norton's U.S.A.! We have beautiful Spuds dish sets, utensils, bowls, plates,  teething rings, and tie teethers perfect for your family or as a gift to new parents! Spuds is also developing a new line of nontoxic toys made from potatoes as well. Many of these toys will be made in Illinois! We will keep you posted on this wonderful company as they add to their line of products!

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